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Combining our passions for neighborhoods and communities, we're creating a space to talk about what happens next, for all of us.

It feels like we found our people...

I'm sure we're not the only ones feeling it - the world feels strange, and even though we don't want to think about what might happen next for our cities, communities, neighborhoods and overall ways of life, maybe giving it some healthy thought could be a good idea. What better place to explore than amongst a group of friends that think about communities and neighborhoods as deeply as we do?

Hosted by Kristin Schell and Feleceia Benton, Community Forward is a virtual conversation series designed by the teams at The Turquoise Table and the Zoe Communications Agency that'll do just that - ask, explore. We're thinking about what life looks like after this moment, and we're considering the things we'll take forward with us, and the things we hope to leave behind. We hope you'll join us.




We've joined the online conversation revolution, and we're talking about all the things we think about when we're on our way to bed. And now, we're sharing those thoughts with you! Every Tuesday at 7pm. 

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Navigating Non-Profits & Social Impact During COVID-19

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Social impact is the backbone of our communities. Yet, it feels like the people we need the most right now are the ones most affected by this global pandemic. 

So, how are they navigating this crisis? Has COVID-19 caused the work to stop? New lessons learned? How can non-profits survive this incredibly unknown time? 

With over 25+ years of fundraising under her belt, Fayruz Benyousef joins this week's Community Forward conversation. She'll talk with us about how we can all work to keep social impact alive and well.


This conversation is great for non-profit leaders as well as our everyday friends and neighbors. 

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